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About Filefish

Most of the photography on Filefish is taken in the pristine Margaret River Region of Western Australia.

Filefish provides a place where you can just view or you can purchase surf shots of yourself or of people that you know. Whether you live in the area or are just visiting the region Filefish photos aim to stoke people and to increase appreciation and connection to this beautiful part of Western Australia.

Underwater photos and skate photos are also presented on Filefish and are  available for purchase in print or file format.

Filefish Images

In a fast paced world having a photo you love can provide a way to reconnect with a unique moment….sometimes more deeply.

Bec looks to create images by combining an intense love for nature with a natural belief in the potential of people.


The South West coastline is stunning and often produces incredible waves.  As surfers we are lucky to be able to spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Filefish enables you to keep the photos from some of the surf experiences you want to remember.


Skate photos of various skaters pushing the boundaries. Skate parks have such an abundance of creative and athletic talent.

Filefish endeavours to capture some truly inspirational moments for skaters and others to appreciate.

Skateboarding lessons

Graceful, inspiring and…the perfect compliment to surfing.

Longboard skateboarding provides you with an endless continuation of possibilities.  Develop your balance, co-ordination, fitness, sense of adventure. Express and connect with yourself and others all in a very natural and fluid way.


Underwater and Ocean images.

Here you can find images of unique and everyday sea creatures and sea loving people within the Indian Ocean.



Jacqui Brown – Local Artist & Surfer – Autumn 2024

Jacqui Brown is based in Margaret River, Western Australia.

Her pieces are inspired by the stunning coastline and forests of the South West and our intimate relationship with nature.

Follow jacqui_brown_art      to view her stunning artwork 



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